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Bij Topa draait het niet om onze producten, maar om uw verpakkingsproces. Door de jaren heen hebben wij onze klanten tijdens intensieve samenwerkingstrajecten begeleid en geadviseerd. Bekijk snel wat wij voor u kunnen betekenen.
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Topa wordt internationaal erkend voor zijn kennis van en visie op verpakken. Niet alleen het verpakkingsmateriaal wordt onder de loep genomen, maar naar het gehele proces wordt gekeken. Onze verpakkingsspecialisten adviseren u graag.
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Wij maken gebruik van milieuvriendelijkere materialen en onderzoeken mogelijkheden om verpakkingsmateriaal te verminderen. Wij zijn op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen en weten wat de meest duurzame verpakking van morgen is.
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PaperStrap: An ecological alternative in strapping

PaperStrap: An ecological alternative in strapping Paper strapping tape from Topa completely made of paper! The new paper strapping from Topa is made entirely of paper; 95% virgin FSC kraft paper, 5% glue from PVAc (Poly Vinyl Acetate, wood glue) and water. This makes the strapping tape completely ecological, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and processable […]
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Increase efficiency within your packaging organisation

One of the most important considerations when building an efficient packaging organisation is to optimise the workspace in order to increase productivity. A recent study by HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) found that by 2020, almost nine million working days will be lost due to work-related, physical illness. You can drastically reduce the impact of […]
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Robust, smart and inexpensive shipping with the Speedbox

Are you looking for a box that is solid, smart, fast, economical and safe?Then the Speedbox by Topa is the ideal solution for you! During this period, e-commerce will increasingly take the lead. Therefore, it is interesting to work with efficient and intelligent boxes that save costs as well as time. Moreover, it is also […]
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A new, ergonomic way of closing

The days of sore wrists are over thanks to ZeroTape® ZeroTape® is a quality tape with a special small core (38mm) which has to be used in combination with the special ergonomic dispenser. Due to the special core, up to 150 metres of tape can be stored on a roll instead of the usual 66 […]
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Ecological closing, an environmentally friendly alternative!

Ecological closing with paper tape! Closing your packaging is a precise and important process. We have noticed that the demand for paper tape has only increased in recent years. Sustainability is also an important factor in the final choice of sealing material. Paper tape is more environmentally friendly because it is fully recyclable. With an […]
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