Paper or paper pads are extremely suitable for the buffering, filling, fixating and wrapping of products. It offers various possibilities: from light filling material to firm buffer material. By using a cushioning system it can be integrated in your packaging range.


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Filling and protection inside the package.

When filling and protection is needed inside a package, you can choose recycled paper, allowing you to contribute to the environment. With large quantities a so called cushioning machine could be used.
Papieren buffers padpak


Padpak is a shock absorbing filling, which is made up of 2 or 3 layers of paper which is folded and formed through a machine to a perfect shock absorbing material. The paper pads protect fragil products in the box during transport or storage. Different packing methodes make it easy to buffer and fixate the products. By using a pad, 90% of the G-power is reduced when the box falls on the ground. The shock will be captured, so that your product will be undamaged.
Papieren buffers fillpak


Fillpak is an in-the-box filling system existing from a Fillpak converter and 1-layer paper. The machine makes a star-shaped paper configuration out of 1-layer paper, which can be used as a highly effective filling material. By using this paper in a box, the products cannot move, whereby they arrive on their destination without damage.


  • Profitable: saves on material, storage and work and increases the productivity
  • All-round: one material for all your packaging needs inside boxes
  • Customized solutions: systems can be seamlessy integrated in every packaging environment
  • Environmentally friendly: 100% biodegradable, recycable and sustainable
  • Excellent shock absorbing power: 1, 2- and 3-layer pads with excellent buffer characteristics
Paper pads offer the best protection for light to heavy products. This protection can be divided into four functions, namely: fixating, buffering, filling and wrapping.
Function Description Suitable for
Fixating The product holding in place by filling the empty space next to or above the product. You can lay two paper pads crosswise or diagonally on eachother in the box. Heavy products
Buffering Shock absorbing by lying two rolled up paper pads under and above the product. Breakable products
Filling Filling empty spaces in the box by laying paper pads above the product. Light and intermediate products
Wrapping Protection around the products by wrapping paper pads around the product. Heavy products
Toepassingen papieren buffers


The PadPak Compact Cushioning is the solution to wrapping and protecting smaller products directly on a packing table. Because the machine takes up little space, it is possible to put it on the packing table or on a floor stand.
Papieren buffers machine padpak cc


The PadPak LC (Light Cushioning) is a very easy to operate machine which rapidly converts the 1-layer folder PadPak-LC paper into a pad. This converter is adjustable in height and tiltable.
 Papieren buffers machine padpak lc


The packaging system is suitable for use in environments with multiple packaging stations. The machine can be used eveywhere where the unique protection and fixing possibilities of the PadPak-system are needed.
 Papieren buffers machine padpak junior


The PadPak Senior is an all-round 2-/3-layer paper packaging system, suitable for all in-the-box-packaging needs. One product, suitable for various applications, varying from protecting and wrapping to fixating.
 Papieren buffers machine padpak senior

Integration possibilities

Paper pads of Padpak or Fillpak can be seamlessy integrated in your existed packaging range. Our packaging experts can design structures and frames in order to integrate the packaging machines everywhere on, under or around the packaging environment. Integratie mogelijkheden papieren buffers
Do you want to experience the possibilities of Padpak and Fillpak closeby? Please contact us for a noncommittal demonstration. Our packaging experts can identify your packaging needs and offer a suitable solution.
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