Topa is aiming for less. We turned 100 in 2022, and this was also the first year we became an official ‘Climate Neutral Company*’. We compensated for CO2 emissions through the Wind Energy North-east Brazil climate project. This year the business activities of Topa Verpakking, Topa Packaging and Topa Thermal have been certified once again. This time we chose to compensate for emissions by supporting a wind turbine project in Chile. Once the turbines are built, this project will save about 197,420 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Our goal for 2022 was to achieve a reduction of 15%. But, working together, we successfully reduced our emissions by more than 27%. Something we are of course really proud of.

Our green approach is delivering tonnes of savings

The goal set out in the Paris Climate Agreement is to keep the rise in average global temperatures in 2050 below 2°C and, if possible, below 1.5°C. That’s why Topa has made sustainability a specific policy area. We have reduced emissions by our trading companies from 1660 tonnes of CO2 to 1212 tonnes of CO2. Our green approach has therefore delivered a reduction of no less than 448 tonnes of CO2. We have saved 75 tonnes of emissions from heating, for example, through better insulation and more conscious use of heating. We have saved 2 tonnes of emissions from waste through more efficient recycling. We have saved no less than 200 tonnes of emissions from electricity by switching to green energy. The only area where CO2 emissions have risen is our vehicle fleet, where emissions have increased by 9 tonnes because we have driven a lot more kilometres than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hybrid and electric cars did not fully compensate for this. We could perhaps make further improvements by using exclusively green energy to charge cars.

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Our goal: a further 10% reduction in emissions in 2023

Various European countries have worked hard over recent years to meet specific objectives to further reduce CO2 emissions, in order to achieve the ambitious goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. In the Netherlands, there is the Dutch Climate Agreement, with a reduction target of 49% in 2030, compared with emissions in 1990. Topa’s aim is to comfortably exceed this goal. The objectives can be lowered each year if feasible.

We will therefore be lowering the target for 2023. Our long-term plan is to achieve a total reduction of 25% in 2023 compared with 2021 but, considering the results of the first year, this has already been achieved. That’s why we’re raising the bar and aiming to reduce our CO2 emissions even further: A reduction of 10% in 2023 is our new starting point.

The next green steps for Topa

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2023 will mark the first time the packaging company uses green energy for a full year. We want to become even more conscious of our use of heating. We will also be working on a mobility plan for the future. We will be starting and optimising all kinds of small and large sustainable initiatives. We will continue to roll out the waste plan, for example. We’ll be looking at packaging use in the medical sector. And, if the power for air conditioning units or climate rooms needs replacing, we will replace coolants with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Innovative and sustainable products

We are also putting our most innovative and sustainable products, like delivery bags, speed boxes, ZeroTape®, Fiber Film and paper tape, in the spotlight. We promote recycling, encourage one-time deliveries, help to minimise returns, aim to reduce or eliminate use of cushioning materials through customised packaging and work with local partners and suppliers who focus on sustainability wherever possible. So we want to work with you to do business sustainably and become even greener.

*The Climate Neutral Company label covers all business activities except Topa’s products.


You can’t improve sustainability overnight

As one of the Benelux’s largest packaging suppliers, we have been working on efficient processes and sustainable innovations since 1922. We are leaders when it comes to sustainability and we want to retain that position. Because we want to still be the packaging specialist in 100 years’ time. That’s why we aim to contribute to sustainability actively on three fronts:

  • making our business operations more sustainable (Climate Neutral Company)
  • making our products more sustainable (made from recycled materials and recyclable)
  • making our customers’ use of materials more sustainable (expert and sustainable packaging advice, customised packaging)

Topa also does all it can to make its own operations sustainable

Our sustainability vision is to ‘empower sustainable packaging’: through our packaging we aim to help companies and suppliers to work sustainably. Of course we do all we can to make our own operations sustainable too. We work continuously to improve our working methods, paying close attention to people, planet and the economic impact of our packaging.

Recycling with RESY: nothing goes to waste

Corrugated cardboard consists of 70 to 80% recycled paper. That’s why we’ve signed up to RESY, which ensures cardboard packaging waste can be recycled. Our corrugated cardboard packaging, including American folding boxes, continuous corrugated cardboard, book packaging, shipping envelopes and bottle packaging, is all recycled. The RESY logo and a number of other logos indicate that a package is recycled or made from renewable materials.

Some packages have the Climate Neutral Company logo

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The Climate Neutral Company logo shows that a business supports climate-friendly projects and compensates for CO2 emissions. This applies to padded envelopes, for example. The raw material for paper, pulp, comes from responsibly managed forests rather than ancient woodland or plantations that cause destruction of tropical rainforest.

New sustainable solutions based on innovative materials

In collaboration with our innovation centre, Topa Institute, we work every day to develop new solutions based on the latest innovative materials. This allows us to continue to meet the constantly evolving demand for sustainable products. By using packaging the right way and choosing cardboard solutions, you can contribute to reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Our suppliers and subcontractors operate sustainably too

All our suppliers and subcontractors conform with the relevant European directives. They stand out thanks to their sustainable business operations and performance, helping us to put our sustainability policy into action.

At Topa it’s all about the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) relates to the 3 P’s.

  • People: focus on people. In the first instance, the wellbeing of our employees is very important. This concerns matters like a safe and healthy workplace, discrimination, diversity on the work floor and training. And of course we pay attention to our customers and suppliers too.
  • Planet: focus on the environment, society, resources and alternatives, now and in the future.
  • Profit: focus on the market and the need to make a profit and ensure continuity for the business.

We aim to minimise the impact on the environment

We aim to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible through implementation of the ISO 14001 environmental-management system. We have various measures in place to achieve this.

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Roll-out of waste plan

Our goal is to use resources as efficiently as possible. That’s why we want to minimise the amount of waste generated by our production process. No hazardous substances are emitted at any point during our development and production process. Any residual waste is managed systematically through careful separation of our waste streams.

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Energy: as sustainable and sparing as possible

One important element of ISO 14001 is the fact that we make effective use of our resources and energy. We monitor this and take action where necessary. We also draw up an annual environmental report. What we’re already doing: switching to green (wind) energy, making our company sites more sustainable, printing less, choosing cleaner cars, reducing the number of kilometres travelled.

Recycling: waste is making a great comeback

For us, recycling starts with the production process. We sort waste materials, collect them and return them to the recycling plants for reprocessing to make cardboard or other packaging materials.

CO2 emissions: customised ordering for a greener footprint

Through smart business operations, we are also reducing our CO2 emissions. We order cardboard stocks customised to our production process, which limits CO2 emissions for transportation. This also means we have very little waste or wastage, which is good for the environment.

We want to stay forever young

Topa is now more than 100 years old and we want to stay forever young. We still want to be at the forefront in the field of packaging in 100 years’ time. That’s why it’s important that we continue to think progressively and keep reinventing ourselves.

We think the way we package products is set to change drastically over the coming decades. Biobased and biodegradable raw materials will take centre stage and materials will be more customisable and lighter.

As one of the largest packaging suppliers in the Benelux, we aim to become more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Waste is the raw material of the future, so we will be making increasing use of it in our new products. Our specialists can support and inspire you. After all, sustainable packaging goes far beyond simply using recycled products. For Topa, sustainable packaging means reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and replace.


An efficient way to contribute to the climate is by reducing the amount of material used. This limits the impact on the environment.


Reusable or return packages are designed to be used more than once. This means that fewer packages need to be produced, which can only be a good thing for the environment.


We will always prioritise suppliers that produce a product sustainably using recycled materials. We aim to minimise our carbon footprint too; 90% of our suppliers come from the local area or neighbouring countries.


By choosing packaging made from renewable raw materials, you are contributing to the circular economy. Topa is committed to this objective.


The range of packaging materials that is recycled or made from renewable materials is growing. This is our focus. That means we can continue to offer you more and better environmentally-friendly alternatives.

You pack it with Topa

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