The logistics chain is related to a great diversity of packaging. One weak link in the chain can disrupt a well-oiled process. And what is the cause…

Is the packaging insufficiently protected? Is there a problem anywhere during transport? Or is it a combination?

Topa Instituut investigates, tests, and analyzes.

A chain with many links

No matter how careful the package is handled, it is always possible that it falls during the process. Or gets stuck. Or a product is already leaking inside the packaging, resulting in a mess on the conveyer belt or in the truck.

It is important to discover where the problem arose and what can be done to prevent repetition.

Test options

In a logistics company, there is usually not just one type of packaging or pallet stacking, so the right test always has to be determined in consultation. In practice, existing test standards are often tightened or adjusted based on the requirements of the client.


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