Product launch

Pre-launch transport testing can identify potential failure points of your packaging or product. But, these unpleasant surprises can often be eliminated with simple changes before your first delivery happens.

The weak link

A recent test project showed that our clients best-before-date (located on the cap of fresh juice bottles) was being worn away during transport, caused by sustained contact with another surface during the rigors of simulated distribution.
By simply moving the print position this problem was resolved prior to release.

Or what about something larger. Before new Yamaha motorbikes are transported, Yamaha runs distribution testing on complete pallet loads. For them just a small block of foam prevented a costly failure…

Test procedures

The InternationalSafe Transit Association (ISTA) has different test procedures, including a series for carrying out a general performance test.

This, combined with the customer needs and requirements, gives a clear picture of the potential risks during transport.

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