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Bij Topa draait het niet om onze producten, maar om uw verpakkingsproces. Door de jaren heen hebben wij onze klanten tijdens intensieve samenwerkingstrajecten begeleid en geadviseerd. Bekijk snel wat wij voor u kunnen betekenen.
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Topa wordt internationaal erkend voor zijn kennis van en visie op verpakken. Niet alleen het verpakkingsmateriaal wordt onder de loep genomen, maar naar het gehele proces wordt gekeken. Onze verpakkingsspecialisten adviseren u graag.
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Wij maken gebruik van milieuvriendelijkere materialen en onderzoeken mogelijkheden om verpakkingsmateriaal te verminderen. Wij zijn op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen en weten wat de meest duurzame verpakking van morgen is.
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40 years of Topa Institute

The Topa Institute development, testing and research centre was founded in 1983. The Topa Institute is made up of three departments: Packing Development, Mechanical Testing and Thermal Testing. The Topa Institute started out 40 years ago with just two employees. Now there are a total of 13 employees, all specialised in their own areas. Brigitte […]
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Something in the air

The refurbished Mini Pak’r Retail air pillow machine with two 425-metre rolls for just €499.00! These air kissing machines are praised for their high quality. By not depreciating the used machines, but bringing them back to top condition professionally, we can offer them very economically. That is why the Mini Pak'r Retail air cushion machine […]
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Protrac/JRZ aiming for less with Topa

It's now no longer plastic foam but cardboard absorbing shocks during the transportation of high-end shock absorbers Topa has been developing packaging for this company from Uden, specialised in creating high-end suspension systems and shock absorbers for exclusive sports cars, for many years. We have a great relationship with JRZ. We worked together to look […]
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Working with the customer, we aimed for less when it came to sealing boxes

Less material loss, less time, less sick leave, lower costs We worked with the customer to aim for less. The customer had been sealing boxes with PVC tape for years. Over recent years they had undergone substantial growth, meaning that many more packages were being sent out each day. So they started looking for a […]
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Erik Buffels: "ECO-Check is Topa’s response to the demand for sustainability among businesses"

The Paris Climate Agreement states that we must limit the increase in the average world temperature by 2050 to well below 2 degrees Celsius, and ideally to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Sustainability is a top priority. Every company must have a plan ready and have implemented it by 2050. ECO-Check is Topa’s response to the demand […]
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