Transition towards increased efficiency and sustainability

STG depends on Topa’s expertise

STG relies on packing expert Topa Packaging for guidance on sustainable and efficient packaging. "Topa knows better than anyone else exactly what we need," says Bjorn Van Der Keelen, STG Integration Team Lead.

Sanitair Technische Groothandel (STG) is a company with a rich history in Belgium, having grown from a merger between the family companies Sax, Lambrechts and Schrauwen, all customer-focused businesses whose names have been synonymous with service and quality for many years. As STG, they have joined forces to advise and inspire clients as a single national wholesaler in the fields of sanitation, heating and ventilation.

Sustainable innovations

"Our sector is highly focused on energy-friendly and efficient products, like water pumps and solar panels," says Van Der Keelen. "We apply that same sustainable vision to packaging. In this continuous process, Topa is the partner that guides us and regularly proposes efficient innovations. Topa is always in direct contact, keeping us up to date on the possibilities. When new packaging materials become available, they are analysed and undergo the necessary tests before we integrate them into our processes."

Customers rely on Topa’s knowledge at the intersection between logistics, sales, sustainability and technology.

Uniform printed packaging

Topa's experts advise STG in many areas: packaging processes, materials and products, efficiency in the packing zone etc. Van Der Keelen: "We have commissioned the design of a lean range of new box types, for example. We now also use more personalised e-commerce shipping bags made from paper. Shipping in bags instead of boxes provides a significant reduction in shipping volume and gives us 15% more space on the roll cages."

"There’s nothing better than delivering a beautifully printed package to the client," underlines Van Der Keelen. "Topa provides us with guidance on every aspect of the printing process. The dedicated specialists succeed in achieving what I had in mind every time. Working with Topa is always a great experience."


"This kind of feedback is why we do what we do," says Stijn Depauw, packing consultant at Topa. "Our scientific institute, the Topa Institute, carries out calculations and checks all our recommendations as neutrally and objectively as possible. Even our competitors like to use this service. We continue to build on our expertise every day, because it’s only once you know all the options that you know what’s possible for a client and can propose the best choice: from design and production all the way to the unpacking experience."


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