Concentrated impact tester

During shipment of packages, the packages are often subject to a point-concentrated load. For instance, when the corner of package A falls on top of package B or when smaller packages are stacked on top of larger packages.

This test is especially important for packagings for dangerous goods (UN), because the dangerous contents should definitely not leak from the packaging in this case. 


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Certainty for UN packagings

The concentrated impact test simulates the load of the packaging on one point, during which the whole packaging, including contents and possible buffer materials, is tested. The test standard prescribes that this is done by dropping a cylindrical mass on the weakest side of the packaging. The test weight and impact height have been predetermined. Heavier test weights apply to the UN packagings compared to single wall corrugated boxes. The results are quickly available after the test has been performed.

International teststandards

The concentrated impact test is according to general standards en often also in accordance with client specific procedures, Possible international standards are:
  • All ISTA standards
  • ASTM D4169
  • ASTM D6344
  • ASTM D7386
  • UN-standaarden
This machine was developed by Topa Institute based on the specifications of the test standard. Manufacturer: Topa Instituut
  • Maximaum size package: many sizes are possible
  • Mass dropping cylinder: variable, mostly 6 kg
  • Maximum impact height: 1.7 meter
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