Curby: new adhesive tape machine for the small consumer

Curby: new adhesive tape machine for the small consumer

Topa has welcomed a new player in its range of adhesive tape machines. The manual tape machine 222 or Curby is a new tape machine with many advantages:

  • Narrow and light portable dispenser that is easy to carry in the warehouse
  • Requires no electricity to operate
  • Is easy to operate and has a smooth, low-noise mechanism
  • Refillable and spill-proof water tank holds enough water to activate one roll of tape
  • Water activated adhesive tape is recyclable
  • One strip of tape required for a secure, strong seal

In addition, there is also a new, reinforced adhesive tape in our range that is completely suitable for use with the new Curby adhesive tape machine.

Are you interested in buying an adhesive tape machine, but do not yet consume as much as a major player? Then the Curby is the perfect choice for you!


July 20, 2022


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