PaperStrap: An ecological alternative in strapping

PaperStrap: An ecological alternative in strapping

Paper strapping tape from Topa completely made of paper!

The new paper strapping from Topa is made entirely of paper; 95% virgin FSC kraft paper, 5% glue from PVAc (Poly Vinyl Acetate, wood glue) and water. This makes the strapping tape completely ecological, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and processable via the paper waste stream. Certainly an interesting alternative to strapping made of polypropylene, textile or steel. Furthermore, the strap is printed with black text: 100% RECYCLABLE


  • Stabilising (light) pallet loads
  • closing of boxes/packages 
  • for (semi-) automatic processing
  • mechanical processing: strapping machine or Orgapack
  • also applicable for cooled transports

The benefits

  • 100% recyclable
  • Processable in paper waste stream
  • consists entirely of paper
  • ecological alternative to PP strapping
  • Food and non-food suitable
  • printing possible on request
  • As quick and easy to use as traditional strapping
  • Can be processed manually as well as (semi-) automatically
  • Strapping of packages or bundling of products
  • Stabilisation of pallet loads
  • sturdy and robust
  • stainless
  • relatively high tensile strength: 55 kg (12 mm), 45 kg (9 mm) and 25 kg (5 mm)
  • hardly any elongation
  • high edge factor (max. load on corners)
  • high toughness and shock absorption
  • UV-resistant
  • sealing by means of PVAc (wood) glue

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January 24, 2022


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