Loose fill material is extremely suitable for the protection of your products and for the filling of packages. Original fill material (loose fill) is made of 100% recycled polystyrene and has a high buffer effect. Overfilling of the box is important with this so that the product cannot move in the box.

Loose fill

Flo-Pak Green is a biodegradable EPS loose fill material. The ecologically sound alternative on the Flo-Pak Special, offers a couple of benefits relative to the corn based chips such as Pelaspan Bio and Flo-Pak Bio. Because there is no dust formation, the Flo-Pak Green chips are suitable to integrate in the packing range. The chip is made of 100% recycled material, is reusable and there is less energy needed during the production process. Flo-Pak Green has a light green color and has a closed 8-shape allowing it to bounce back good. The 8-shape also ensures that the subsidence reduces. Flo-Pak Green is antistatic, CFK free and usable in automatic fill installations.


  • Protective: against shocking by rebouding of the 8-shaped loose fill
  • Flexible: easy and all-round applicable, also suitable for automatic fill installations
  • Environmental friendly: 100% recyclable, in water soluble and fully compostable
  • Profitable: can be stored indefinitely and reduces the transport costs by the low volume weight
  • Easy and time-saving: no training needed and easy to wrap
Flo-Pak Green of Topa is an effective and all-round fill material. It protects every product, regardless the shape, because all empty spaces are filled. By the protective rebound, the good blocking action and high pressure resistance, those loose fill ensures an extra reliability.


Environmental friendy filling material which is recyclable, biodegradable and reusable. SizzlePak® is folded in 3 layers and than pressed into a accordion shape so that the material reserves its resilience capacity. SizzlePak® is especially suitable for light and medium products. This product offers the industrial market through her versatility (shockabsorption, fulling and fixating) a complement for applications where e.g. Padpak is overqualified as a system through the limited use.


  • Protective: shock absorbing through zigzag schape
  • Flexible: easy and all-round suitable, easy to pile up
  • Environmental friendly: 100% recyclable
  • Easy and time-saving: no training needed and easy to wrap
Loose fill can be used excellent for protection of packages of e.g. consumer electronics, toys, household products, medicines, cosmetic products, books or office articles. Because the loose fill adjusts to the contours of the product, the possibilities are endless. The function of loose fill is filling the empty spaces and protection of products around.
Type Function Example
Loose fill Protection around, filling of spaces Medium and heavy products, products with sharp edges, books, consumer electronics, toys, medicines, cosmetic products
Sizzlepak Filling, fixating, shockabsorption Light and medium products, clothes, shoos, fashion accessories, electronics, cosmetic products, toys, office articles, food

Integration possibilities

Loose fill can be seamlessy integrated in your existing package range. Our packaging experts can elaborate a customized solution for you in order to fulfill your send and packaging needs.
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