Shrink machines

For the packaging of your products in a sleek transparent packaging we can supply (shrink) film and machines, such as a koepelsealer and a shrinking machine. These are characterized by the high quality and longevity. Want to learn more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

A koepelsealer is a sealing machine with a dome. These sealers are ideal for shrink packaging of small to medium production quantities. A koepelsealer seals and shrinks in one operation under a transparent dome. The dome remains closed during sealing by means of an electromagnet. Features koepelsealer:
  • Sealing and shrinking in one operation
  • Magnetic closure: dome opens automatically seal / shrink cycle
  • Adjustable seal temperature
  • Large air circulation fan for many with excellent shrink capacity as a result
  • PTFE-coated seal / cutting with long life
  • Shrinkage time (self-correcting) and temperature control by microprocessor
  • PCB with LCD display parameters text in different languages
  • Adjustable shrink-delay time for sealing very thin film
  • Adjustable folieperforators
  • Height-adjustable work surface
  • Solid machine housing with swivel casters with brakes
  • Possible packing cycles: only sealing, sealing and shrinking

Shrink combinations

The sealer and shrink tunnel combinations are suitable for large production. Due to the precise tuning of the speed and the sealing temperature all common types of shrink film may be used on these machines. The machines have an epoxy coating and a seal system with impulse sealing wires which are provided with PTFE. The conveyor belt which carries the product through the tunnel in speed is adjustable and variable and can be adapted to different product heights. Fields of application: Shops, factories, studios, printing, publishing, food processing, clothing Types of products: This shrinkage machine can be used excellently for various products including chocolates, crackers, tablecloths, books, CDs and DVDs, boxes to pack along with content or vegetables. Packaging material: The crimping machine uses as shrink film of polyolefin, PVC, LDPE film half-tube. Functions seal shrinkage combination:
  • Unique temperature control system
  • Electrically powered conveyors, height adjustable
  • Heavy-duty design for industrial applications
  • Integrated foil tray
  • Live / dead roller system for use of different film types
  • Magnetic hold-down stysteem to guarantee seal quality
  • Seal Temperature Control
  • Digitally controlled tunnel with 360 degree ventilation
  • Adjustable airflow tunnel and tunnel conveyor speed
  • Adjustable packing table and folierolophanging with spiked roller.
  • Tunnel Curtain minimizes heat loss and ensures stable temperature

(Semi) Automatic shrinking packaging machines

Seal Machine combined with a shrink tunnel for medium to large production numbers. This is the most advanced machine in the crimping machine-line, the "EL-MATIC" fully automatic L-sealer. This machine can be combined with the specially developed for this sealer "TE-MATIC" tunnel so as to generate a high production output with an excellent shrinkage result. The EL-MATIC can also be carried out in stainless steel. Application areas Packers wages, printing, factories, food processing Types of products Books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, stationery, components, lamps, components, cans, jars, PET bottles, candles, picture frames, decorative materials, boxes, bags, bread, napkins, drink packages, aerosol cans, plastic cups (disposable) plates , batteries, soap blocks, etc. Packaging Shrink film (Polyolefin, PVC or LDPE semi-tubular) Features EL MATIC:
  • Continuous automatic sealing cycles
  • Electronically adjustable angle sealing window
  • User friendly control panel with menu-driven backlit LCD
  • 16 bit microprocessor
  • programming Several user settings (20 programs)
  • Seal- / cutting bar with Teflon Coating
  • Suitable for Polyethylene and Polyolefin half tubular film (microforatie)
  • Tape speed infeed belt electronically adjustable
  • The package is fed from the aid of the machine motorized conveyor
  • Automatic storage / read-out production statistics

Shrink tunnels

TE-MATIC shrink tunnels for the L-sealers and EL-MATIC Features TE-MATIC:
  • Adjustable temperature tunnel
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Airflow adjustable aid of adjustable nozzles
  • Use silicone-coated 'life' roll band tunnel
  • Control panel with backlit LCD
  • Automatic "cool down" mode at the end of the shift
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Manufactured in accordance with applicable EC directives

Plastic bags LDPE

For repacking and / or bundling your products we supply from stock, various sizes of LDPE bags for a very competitive price. Our bags are repackaged in neat white boxes.
  • Transparent
  • Recyclable
  • With bottom seal
  • Delivery from stock
Choose the user and ready-to-use LDPE bags!

Tube foil

When using most hand and tafelsealers we recommend the use of transparent polyethylene tube shape of excellent quality. The various versions are: anti-static film, micro-perforated, colored and / or printed film.

Shrink foil

We supply from stock shrink film, polyolefin film half-tube in different roll widths and thicknesses of from 15 to 30 microns. Other sizes and thicknesses are available on request
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