Despatch packaging

Besides the standard cardboard boxes, you can use postal parcels, post boxes, package boxes, tubes and bottle packaging to send various products.

Various types of despatch boxes

It is wise to use a suitable despatch box to send your products with good protection. Despatch boxes are available in various models, and they are suitable for sending flat and light products, like clothing, books, shoes and other articles. For mailbox shipments you can use suitable postal parcels. The letterbox post rates of POSTNL are calculated for this.


  • Quick to set up
  • Suitable for every product because of multifunctional possibilities
  • Plano delivery and space-saving
  • Very light-weight
  • 100% recyclable
The range of shipment boxes consists of, among other things, the following products: Postal parcels Postal parcels are light-weight packaging of which the size is attuned to the maximum letterbox size of 380x265x32 mm. Post and package boxes Post boxes are light-weight and easy to set up. Aside from that post boxes do not tear open when they fall to the ground and they have a good shock protection. Shipment tubes Tubes have been developed to be able to ship without creases. A mini tube can even fit through the mailbox, keeping the postage low. Shipment tubes come in different lengths and versions. Multifunctional shipment packaging This packaging is suitable for the shipment of multimedia articles (CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray) and flat products like books, calendars or maps. Attachment packaging Products are fully attached under a layer of foil, against the cardboard. The packaging protects from shocks and knocks, protecting the products properly. Bottle or wine packaging The boxes can be closed with tape and are very suitable for shipment. Through the interior with big packaging the chance of breaks during transport is minimal.
The choice of a certain shipment box depends on a number of factors, like the product to be packed up, the application and the desired presentation.
Type Suitable for Examples
Postal parcels Flat products Books, catalogues, fabric, electro articles
Post boxes Light and middle-weight products Clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, electronics, cosmetics, toys, office items, foods
Shipment tubes Long objects, printing materials Posters, maps, floorplans, pictures
Multifunctional Flat products Multimedia (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) books, maps, calendars
Attachment packaging Vulnerable and fragile products Tablets, laptops, digital camera, mobile phones, electronics
Bottle packaging Fragile products Wine bottles, glass items
General applications:
  • Can be used as commercial medium
  • Multifunctional transport packaging
  • Storage of packed up products during the transport
  • Protection of light to middle-weight products
Our packaging solutions have a number of essential features that will help you when you are packing up the product.
  • Autolock system
When setting up this packaging the bottom closes automatically when you unfold it. This feature ensures that you can set it up 2 to 3 x faster than a standard American folding box.
  • Self-adhesive closing strip
The packaging (among other things Speedbox, Varibox, Readybox) has a self-adhesive closing strip that is attached to the extended flap. This means that you do not have to use tape to close the packaging and you can decrease the time to pack it up. Shipment boxes with a double closing strip are very suitable for return service. In that case the second strip is used to close the box again.
  • Tear perforation
If you give packaging a tear strip it will be easy to open by your clients.
  • Integrated filling and protection
By supplying the packaging already with craft paper, you do not have to use separate filling material. The craft paper will have a double function: filling for your packaging and protection of the products.

Printing techniques

By giving your packaging a high attention value you can set your products apart of those of the competition. As packaging professionals we see the importance of the (marketing) communication with your customers, and the quality of the printing is an equally important part of this. Because of the high quality of printing and the precise marketing strategies, the packaging is used as a communication medium more and more often. With the help of offset or flexo printing techniques we can even print photographic images onto your packaging. For more information about the possibilities with regard to printing the boxes, click here. Het bedrukken van verzendverpakkingen
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