Postal packaging

Envelopes are available in various qualities of paper, cardboard and plastic. Within this range there is a wide choice of envelopes and if desired the envelopes can also be personalised with your own printing.

Envelopes of various qualities

Corrugated cardboard and solid cardboard envelopes

These envelopes have been designed to offer the perfect protection for printing material like pictures and documents during transport. The envelopes are made of light-weight cardboard and they are cost saving. They have the necessary robustness to prevent the contents from bending or creasing. The envelope can be sealed by using the self-adhesive closing strip.

Air cushion envelopes

Air cushion envelopes are light of weight and also fit through the letterbox. This way you can save shipment costs. These envelopes are made of white or brown craft paper on the outside and on the inside there is cushion foil. Sealing can be done with a self-adhesive closing strip. Furthermore the sides and the underside of the envelope have been made firmer for extra protection.

Synthetic envelopes

The transparent synthetic envelopes (or shipment bags) are extra firm and very suitable for the safe shipment of your articles. The bags are closed with the extra firm permanent adhesive strip. These envelopes are a good alternative for shipment boxes, to send clothing or non-fragile products, so that the shipment costs can stay low. Tyvek envelopes are indestructible and waterproof, maintaining the flexibility and making the envelope shape itself to the product.

Paper envelopes

These standard envelopes have a self-adhesive closing strip and can be used to send documents or to send mailings. There also products in the range with reinforcement (wires).
The choice for a certain shipment envelope depends on a number of factors, such as the product to be packed up, the application and the desired presentation.
Type Bescherming tegen Voorbeelden
Golfkarton Krassen, kreuken Foto's, brochures, boeken, catalogi en ander printmateriaal
Luchtkussen Schokken, vocht Niet breekbare producten, electronica, mode accessoires
Kunststof Vocht Kleding, mode accessoires, documenten
Papier Kreuken Documenten, niet breekbare producten
Type Protection from Examples Corrugated cardboard Scratches, creases Pictures, brochures, books, catalogues and other printing materials Air cushions Shocks, moisture Non-fragile products, electronics, fashion accessories Synthetic Moisture Clothing fashion accessories, documents Paper Creases Documents, non-fragile products General applications:
  • Products that fit through the letterbox
  • Shipment via the mail
  • Protection of light and non-fragile products
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