Tensile/compression test system

When a box is lifted on the handle attached to it, it is useful to know which weight this handle can take. The same is true for tie down straps of which the tensile strength is calculated.

During these test, the tensile function of this device is used.

The compression function is used for an ECT value determination. By clamping only a small piece of cardboard and slowly increasing the pressure, the strength of the cardboard is measured. Repeating the test with various cardboard qualities can provide interesting savings.

Various test options

Tensile test

A tensile test is usually deployed to determine the strength of parts of a packaging or packaging materials, such as the strength of a grip or handle or the tension on a strap. The speed of the tensile test system is variable and can be set in such a way that the actual usage situation is approached as closely as possible.


The ECT value of corrugated cardboard can be determined by means of an Edge Crush Test (ECT). A piece of cardboard of 25x100 mm is flattened on the flute. By testing at least 5 samples, the reliability of the test result is increased. The obtained ECT value can be compared to the value indicated by the supplier.

Determining the coefficient of friction

In certain situations, it can be interesting to know what the coefficient of friction between two materials is. For example, in the case of cardboard boxes that are placed on a pallet. This could be a wooden or plastic pallet. Both materials will create a different friction with the cardboard boxes and will therefore have a different influence on how quickly the boxes may slide off the pallet. The coefficient of friction of various anti-slip materials can be easily determined by means of this test as well.

Usually customer specific

The tensile/compression tester test in accordance with different types of general international standards and more often according to customer specific procedures. A possible international standard is:
  • ISO 3037
Manufacturer : Thwing Albert Europe Company
  • Maximum compression / strenght: 5000 N (± 500 kg)
  • Maximum displacement: 1200 mm
  • Pull / push speed: variable
  • Calibration interval: annual
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