For certain products, such as temperature-sensitive medication, the authorities stipulate that these must be shipped in a qualified (insulated) packaging. Furthermore, the client also often wants a test to be performed.

Topa Institute performs qualification tests in accordance with international test standards such as ISTA and ASTM. This safeguards the quality of the product and packaging.


Prior to the qualifying of the packaging, a protocol is established that describes the test procedure and all boundary conditions of the project. After the client has approved the protocol, the tests are performed.

The tests are generally performed in triplicate in order to prove reproducibility. Calibrated equipment and thermocouples are used when carrying out the qualification tests.

Insulated packaging

A packaging that protects the product against weather influences is developed, tested, and subsequently qualified.

These procedures are strict and include multiple components. Using a step plan for the development of thermal packaging, this process is conducted in a structured manner


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