Research pallet stabilization

A loaded pallet must be able to withstand vibrations, shocks, and shaking that are caused on the road. The right stacking method and securing of the products on the pallet are made insightful by means of specific tests.

By conducting tests beforehand, it is not only possible to prevent damage; the most efficient method may also be determined. Because stabilizing a pallet more quickly, cheaper, or with fewer materials is always interesting.

Current situation analysis

Together with our specialist, the current situation is analyzed. Does a potential for improvement, saving and/or waste reduction exist?

The various possibilities for pallet stabilization are also analyzed with regard to a product introduction in order to allow for smooth transport.

A few examples:

  • One film wrapping less per pallet provided a saving of 20% with the same performance.
  • Higher pallet stacking appeared to be possible, with less pallet transport as a result.
  • The combination of easy-release adhesive and one layer of film reduced the residual waste by 60%.

Test options

After the analysis, a customized advice regarding one or multiple alternatives for stabilizing your pallet load is given. This advice is substantiated with the possible costs (savings).

Furthermore, the pallet with its products and various stacking or stabilization methods is tested on braking, vibrating, shocking, slopes, etc. at Topa Institute.

Because this is done in a laboratory environment, this test can be reproduced in order to determine the significance.

Naturally, you are welcome to observe the tests at our institute so you can see what your products have to go through on the pallet and what the optimal way of stabilizing is.

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