Paper fibre-based cellulose foam: The sustainable alternative to polymer foams

A foam made from recycled paper and wood fibres is about to start a revolution in the packaging industry. With shock absorption comparable to polymer foams but 80% lower CO2 emissions, this material promises a greener future.

What makes paper fibre-based foam a sustainable alternative?

  1. Paper fibre-based foam is made from recycled paper and wood fibre
  2. In comparison with existing fossil-based polymer foams, foam made from paper fibres delivers an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions
  3. Paper fibre-based foam can be recycled along with your regular paper and card waste

Applications and advantages:

Paper-fibre foam, a product of Stora Enso, offers outstanding shock-absorbing properties and is scratch-resistant, making it ideal for a range of different applications:

The paper fibre-based postal box has been designed as a circular product, made from paper fibre-based foam and cardboard, and can be recycled again along with your regular wastepaper. The paper fibre postal box is available in various sizes and offers products optimal protection against the loads they are exposed to during transportation.

Paper fibre-based foam is easy to process. The contours of your product are transferred perfectly to the foam. Paper-fibre foam also protects your product and gives the packaging a luxurious look.

By laminating paper fibre-based foam and cardboard, we can give the buffer specific properties, providing your product with optimal protection.

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April 25, 2024
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