Topa knows how to package it nicely: 40% less material costs and 78% less volume

Topa knows how to package it nicely: 40% less material costs and 78% less volume

At the beginning of 2022, a customer came to us with packaging that they were very enthusiastic about. The question was: “Can you recreate this packaging for us?”

Our answer: “We do NOT imitate, we DO improve”.

The customer could appreciate our ambition to make a better packaging than they had in mind. We then set to work together to develop the best possible packaging.

The best product innovations come from our own Topa Institute

We have our own packaging development centre: Topa Institute. This is where the best product innovations and product developments take place. Topa Institute has the knowledge to find a suitable answer to every customer question, no matter how complex. In doing so, they also look closely at the possibilities of saving costs for the customer. Either by speed of set-up, or by reduction of material use, or by reduction of volume, or – as in this case – a combination of these factors.

Topa Institute engages in packaging development and transport simulation testing

Topa Institute actually consists of 2 departments. One department deals with packaging development, the other with transport simulation testing. In the packaging development department, we always start by designing and making a prototype. This is purely custom work. We pay attention to the right packaging materials, among other things, which also meet the most sustainable packaging standards. We pay attention to, among other things, insulation, protection, padding and the right way of closing. In the transport simulation testing department, we test the prototype for shock and vibration sensitivity, compression values, strength when dropped during transport, temperature fluctuations and humidity. Every step we take is calculated, recorded and checked. This is how – of course in close consultation with the customer – we arrive at the most optimal packaging.

The result is worth it

The result of this case has exceeded our own and our client’s expectations. The new packaging yields savings of no less than 40% in material costs and 78% in volume.


July 18, 2022
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