Topa Thermal wins the BSMA 2023 Sustainability Award

Connex OVERWRAP thermal insulation container reduces CO₂ emissions by 30% and freight costs by 40%

Connex OVERWRAP from Topa thermal is made from sustainable and reusable materials. It has the same performance as a normal bulk pharmaceutical pallet shipper, but it is smaller, lighter and has higher capacity. Connex OVERWRAP reduces CO₂ emissions by 30% and freight costs by 40%; 25% more products can be shipped on each airline ULD pallet. And at 55% it offers the highest loadable shipping ratio.

Topa Thermal’s Connex OVERWRAP thermal shipper is the world’s first thermal packaging solution made up of ‘flat pack’ rigid coolant-filled walls for shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The BSMA (Bio Supply Management Alliance Europe) encourages companies in the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure efficient and sustainable access to life-saving medicines.

“The Topa Thermal award is recognition of the work the company has put towards greater sustainability, said Franck Toussaint, co-founder at BSMA. “The jury was impressed by the quality of the whole approach.”

Speaking at the awards, Maarten Kleverlaan, technical solution manager of Topa Thermal: “This year has been incredibly successful for Topa Thermal and we’re proud to continue innovating, reducing environmental impact in the life sciences and to be working with the BSMA. “We’re excited that Connex OVERWRAP has recognised sustainability benefits and that this new development will positively impact the environment, said Mr Kleverlaan.

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The Connex OVERWRAP thermal shipper has the potential to revolutionize the supply chain of medicines and other temperature-sensitive products. To date, several thousand successful biopharmaceutical shipments have been carried out worldwide using Connex OVERWRAP. Customers from across the supply chain are excited about the great sustainability and cost benefits.

For more information on Topa Thermal’s Connex OVERWRAP, please visit

About Topa Thermal

Topa Thermal BV is a full-service supplier of distribution systems for temperature-sensitive products, providing safe, reliable and cost-effective thermal packaging and aid access to medicines, vaccines and related healthcare products for patients around the world. All Topa Thermal’s packaging design and qualification is undertaken at their state-of-the-art ISTA certified test centre – Topa Institute – in the Netherlands.

Topa Thermal is part of Topa Group, with a 100-year legacy providing industrial and protective packaging, and supply chain services.


January 31, 2024
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