Who will win #BeatTheBattle 2022?

Topa Packaging, Hilaire Van Der Haeghe – Yale Belgium, Atrium Training and A-SAFE join forces on Transport & Logistics in Ghent: Who will win #BeatTheBattle 2022?

On September 13, 14 and 15 it's time! Several leading companies from the Belgian safety and packaging sector are joining forces and will have a joint exhibition stand during Transport & Logistics in Ghent. During the fair they actively search for the best 'safety pilot' in Belgium. Topa Packaging, Hilaire Van Der Haeghe – Yale Belgium, Atrium Opleidingen and A-SAFE bring the story of We Are Champions, presented by KanaalZ and Transportmedia, live, to the general public.

Beat The Battle

Assignment: With a Fiber Wrapper in hand, the participant must wrap a load of water bottles safely and firmly, after which the pallet must assume a slope of 26.8°, and the water bottles must not slide off the pallet.

Some tips for our participants:

  • Stay calm
  • Do your best
  • Use the Fiber Film foil and Fiber Wrapper correctly
  • Get off the forklift instead of jumping
  • Step over the forklift forks so you don't fall

Looking for adrenaline and the chance to take part in a real We Are Champions assignment? Then come and visit the joint 'We Are Champions zone' at numbers 1124, 1126, 1225 and 1227 and get a free sports towel on top!

Also follow us on social media with #wearechampions and #beatthebattle.

What else?

A bar with a professional barista with various drinks, live demonstrations, expert safety and packaging advice, giveaways with great prizes and a cozy atmosphere, that's what you get on top of a live We Are Champions assignment in the 'We Are Champions zone'.

With this collaboration and interactive accents, the partners want to provide interested parties and future customers with comprehensive logistics advice that they can use in their own organizations. Because the question everyone is asking is: “how can we do better in the future?” Well, you can visit the stand of Topa Packaging, Hilaire Van Der Haeghe – Yale Belgium, Atrium Training and A-SAFE.

Register here and come by!


August 24, 2022
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